Add Recycle Bin In Android Device using Dumpster


Hey guys we are back again with an another android tricks. If you are thinking about does android have a recycle bin? and you are looking for recycle bin for android, then there is an application named as dumpster recycle bin, in which you can easily add recycle bin in android device, and recover deleted files easily. We all know about the famous operating system of the world that is Windows which is having amazing Graphical user interface and most important it is user-friendly.

Add Recycle Bin In Android Device using Dumpster

Steps to add Recycle Bin in Android:-

2) Then install and open the app.
3) Now you are ready to go and whenever you delete any file you can easily get it back, Files Will Be Automatically Backed up In Dumpster app.
4) Now delete any file to check this application, Whenever you delete any File from File manager or gallery etc, That file will show in Dumpster app.
5) Open the dumpster and search for the file and click on that file, and it will show you file, which you have deleted from File Manager or Gallery.

6) Now click on the restore button , or you can also delete application, if you don’t want that file.
7) Boom, you got your file.


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