Different Types Of Hacker


Let’s see the various categories of Hackers on the 
foundation on their skills. 


  • The true Hackers are the Coders, the ones who revise or memorize the methods and create tools which are available within the market. Coders can in finding security holes and weaknesses in software to create their own exploits. These Hackers can use those exploits to increase wholly patched and secure systems. 
  • Coders are the programmers who have the ability to seek out the particular vulnerability in current software and to create working exploit codes. These are the members with a deep understanding of the networking OSI Layer model and TCP/IP Stacks. 


  • Admins are the PC guys who use the tools and exploits prepared by way of the coders. They don’t develop their own procedures or techniques, nevertheless they make use of the methods that are already ready by the coders. They are in general System Administration, or Computer Network Controller. Lots of the Hackers and security person in this digital world come underneath this category. 
  • Admins have experience with a several operating system, and comprehend how one can exploit the most several existing vulnerabilities. A majority of security Consultants fall in this group and work as a part of protection workforce. 

  • Subsequent and essentially the most unsafe classification of Hackers is Script kiddies, they are the brand new generation of users of computer who take skills of the Hacker tools and documentation available free of charge on the web but don’t have any expertise of what’s happening behind the scenes. They understand simply ample to rationale you headaches but most often are very sloppy of their actions, leaving all forms of digital fingerprints behind. Although these guys are the teenage Hackers that you hear about within the news media, they want minimal skills to hold out their assaults. 
  • Script Kiddies are the bunnies who use script and programs developed through others to assault computer system and Networks. They get the least appreciate but are most traumatic and damaging and might cause giant issues without genuinely knowing what they are doing. 

Types of Hackers on the foundation of pursuits performed by means of them. 


  • A White Hat Hacker is computer guy who perform Ethical Hacking. These are commonly security professionals with talents of hacking and the Hacker toolset and who use this skills to find scurity weaknesses and put into effect counter measures within the resources. 
  • They are also known as an Ethical Hacker or a Penetration Tester. They focus on Securing and defending IT programs. 


  • A Black Hat Hacker is computer guy who performs Unethical Hacking. These are the criminal Hackers or Crackers who use their skills and potential for unlawful or malicious functions. They ruin into or in any other case violate the procedure integrity of remote machines, with malicious intent. 
  • These are sometimes called an Unethical Hacker or a security Cracker. They focus on security Cracking and Data stealing. 


  • A grey Hat Hacker is a Computer guy who mostly acts legally, typically in excellent will, and oftentimes no longer. They mostly do not hack for private achieve or have malicious intentions, however could or may not infrequently commit crimes throughout the path of their technological exploits. 
  • They’re hybrid between White Hat and Black Hat Hackers.


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