How to track Who Viewed My Facebook Profile


I.) First of all log in to your Facebook
ID and then go to your timeline – xyz.
II.) Right click anywhere on your
timeline and select ” VIEW PAGE
III.) Now you will be redirected to a
new page where you will see lots of
IV.) On this page just press ” CTRL + F
” on your keyboard,after which a text
box will appear on the screen, in that
box you have to type :-
“InitialChatFriendsList” ( without
quotes ).
V.) Next to this word you will see a
list of numbers displayed, these
numbers are actually the profile ID’s
of the people who visited your
Facebook profile.
VI.) Now you juts have to go to
Facebook.comand paste the ID
number you found in that list after
facebook.comwith a ” / ” sign. For
Example – Let us suppose 1234 is the
ID number you found, now write it
like dis – 1234( ID
number could be anything ).
VII.) Now leave the rest for Facebook,
it will display the desired
results.Enjoy Guys! and don’t forget
to post your comments.


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