IAS Full Form

IAS Full Form

IAS Full Form- Indian Administrative Service

IAS Full Form Hindiभारतीय प्रशासनिक सेवा
The Indian Administrative Service(IAS) is the very top and most important administrative government officer Indian Government. This is considered a very difficult test. Along with the Indian Police Service (IPS), and the Indian Forest Service (IFS), IAS is one of the three All India Services. Its cadres are employed by the central and state governments. The IAS was formed in 1946. Prior to IAS, the Indian Imperial Service (1883–1946) existed.
At the beginning of his career, IAS officers join the state administration at subdivisional level as SDMs and look after law and order.

Educational qualification to become an IAS officer :

To apply for this prestigious job, the candidate must be a graduate from any recognized university. Union Public Service Commission scheduled exam every year. It is considered the toughest test in India due to its highly competitive nature.

Functions of an IAS officer

Maintaining law and order and general administration in its area of work.
Handle the daily affairs of the government.
Work as Executive Magistrate, Chief Development Officer / District Development Commissioner.
Policy formulation and decision making.
Distribute funds and resources to implement policies
Ensure zero irregularities in fund allocation and management

IAS officers during field posting are as follows:

SDM, Joint Collector, Chief Development Officer (CDO)
District Magistrate, District Collector or Commissioner
Divisional Commissioner

Post Gievn To IAS officers State Government & Central Government are as follows:

Under Secretary to the Government of India
Deputy Secretary in the Government of India
Director in government of india
Joint Secretary to the Government of India
Secretary to the Government of India
Cabinet secretary

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