What Is CEH ?

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Many Of Us Wants A career In Computer Security And Forensics. The Best To Get In This Field Is By Cracking Certified Ethical Hacker Exam Which Is Held By EC-COUNCIL.


So Guys Today I am Writing This Post For All The Passionate hackers Who Want A Career In Computer Security And Forensics.

So First Of All.

What Is CEH?

CEH is A Certified Ethical Hacking Examination.When You Pass This Exam You Will Get A Certificate From EC-Council Which Says That You Are A Certified Ethical Hacker And Can Able To Penetrate Network And Found Vulnerabilities Present In that With The Permission Of Desired Firm.

Which Is The Most Recent Version Of CEH?

The Most Recent Version Of CEH is Ver 7.And Ver 8 Is Coming Soon.

What Is The Minimum Criteria To Appear In This Exam?

The Minimum Criteria To Appear In This Examination Is 2 Years of Security Field Experience. If You Don’t Have This Experience Then You Have To Attend The Official Training From A EC-Council Certified Institute.

What Is The Cost Of CEH Exam.?

CEH Comes Under The Heavy Paying Exam,So If You Are Going To Take Exam Without Official Training and With 2 Years Of Security Field Experience Then You Have To Send An Non-Refundable Eligibility Application Fee Of 100 USD with The Actual Fee Of 500 USD. So Complete Cost Is Appearing As 600 USD.
And If You are Going To Take The Examination By Going Through Official Training Then You Don’t Have To Send 100 USD of Eligibility Application Fee To Ec-Council.So In This Case The Total Cost Is 500 USD For Examination.

Give Me Some Exam Details of CEH V7 ?

Number Of Ques : 150
Passing Score : 70%
Test Duration : 4 Hours
Questions Type : Multiple Choice.

What Is The Difficulty Level Of This Exam ?

CEH is Neither Tough Not Very Easy.
Its Syllabus Is Very Vast But Very Little Deep.You Have To Read Everything Which Is Present In 18 Modules To Crack This Exam But Not Much In Deep.

Where I Can Found The Study Material Of  CEH V7 Exam.?

You Have To Read Following Books To Crack The Examination..

  • Certified Ethical Hacker All In One Guide By Matt Walker.
  • Hacking Exposed 5th Edition.
  • Nmap Network Scanning official Nmap Guide To Network Discovery And Security Scanning.
  • Official Certified Ethical Hacker Review Guide By Kimberly Graves. 
 You Can Also Purchase Official Study Book From EC-Council Itself. But I will Not Recommend This Because The Arrangement Of Topics And Explanation Level Is Very Poor.Use This Book As A Side Refrence Among The Other Books Mentioned Above To CrackCEH.

Give Some Tips To Crack This Examination?

  • Read 8 Hours A day, 4 Hours For Theory And 4 Hours For Practical Work.
  • CEH V7 is Made For hacking Tools So Concentrate On Hacking Tools Much.
  • SQL Injection And Port Scanning Are Very Much Important Topics Give Them Much Time For Preparation then Other Topics.
  • Use And Remember All The Switches Which Is Used With Nmap.
  • Use Hacking Forums And Google When You Found Difficulty.
  • Don’t Leave Any Of the Topics Or Queries In Your Mind.You Have To Cover All The Topics And Clear All Your Queries Before Giving Examination.
  • Make Notes,Revise From Them Before The Examination.

How Much Time Certificate Will Take To Come.?

It Will Take Around 8 Weeks To Come.

Stay Tunned..For Practice Examination Questions For CEH and PT Examination.
We Will Shortly Bring Them For You


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